Macari's Take Away Ratoath

Did you know...


  • Fresh Cod from Macari’s Takeaway only contains 8% fat
  • You can get one third of your daily dose of Vitamin C from a portion of Macari’s chips
  • Fresh chips made from real potatoes which only have 7% fat
  • Contrary to views held in some quarters fish & chips are actually the healthiest take away food choices available to consumers
  • Macari’s fish & chips are made only from the freshest of ingredients, and never processed or pre-packed!
  • A serving of Macari’s Chips contains more than double the amount of fibre found in average serving of brown rice or a bowl of porridge.
  • Our secret is in the cooking, the oil is changed regularly to reduce fat solubility while still maintaining the great taste, which any customer will gladly verify.

Please note that at Macari's all of our  beef,chicken and fish products are traceable back to source . 


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Pizza Allergens

All of Pizzas Contain Wheat/Gluten, Dairy  and may contain Peanut. 
Additional Allergens are listed below.
All of our pizza bases unless otherwise stated contain Wheat/Gluten 
Tomato Sauce contains No Allergens 
Barbeque base contains Gluten and Soya 
Our Toppings
Chicken Contains no Allergens 
Irish Sausage Contains Gluten, Soya Bean, Dairy,Mustard and Sesame Seeds 
Mixed Seafood, Anchioves, Tuna contain Fish 
Chorizo Contains Dairy 
All Cheeses contain Dairy/Lactose.
Salami/Ham Contains Milk 
Garlic Bread Contains Gluten,Dairy 
Garlic Bread with Cheese Contains Gluten, Dairy 
Hot&Spicy Garlic Bread Contains Gluten, Dairy 
In Compliance with Regulation No. (EU) 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers, Macaris has provided all relevant information to assist our consumers in making a safe and informative decision on their choice. Please note that all information in regarding our products have been provided by our suppliers and manufactures . All information regarding our products are correct is correct at time of print.(July 2015)but may be subject to change without prior notice . 
Macaris disclaims responsibility for any decisions ,made by its comsumers regarding consumption of its food.
If you require further information relating to the allergens please feel free to contact a member of our team and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or concern you may have.